What is IDOOH

Our knowledge of commuter's patterns, habits and desires allows us to predict and serve them what they want and need from the city.

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We take your media direct to your audience, in a captive environment. Passengers on the move experience amazing stories, street guides, the newest trends and vibe of the city - on the go!

Our Digital Screens

The IDOOH experience provides more than information you need to ride across the city - it presents the latest entertainment, secret locations and a whole world of adventure through this small digital window. Allow us to show you to your next destination.

Geo Fence Targeting

Specify where you want to reach your audience.

Day Parting

Peak period commuters, or evening chillout - decide who and when you reach.

Data Capture

Conversion mechanisms help you translate content into consumers.

Engagement Tracking

Understand your audience’s preference and what works for them.

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So you love what you see, maybe you have some good content to show the world, or you ride about the city and want to display our media. We'd love to hear from you.


IDOOH Singapore

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IDOOH Vietnam

Launches November 2017



IDOOH Myanmar

Launches December 2017